Nearly everything you touch or use is, to some extent, designed. From software to appliances to books to calculators, designers decide how the stuff of life not only looks, but functions.

Seth Godin suggested recently, ‘It’s hard to imagine life without the World Wide Web and all the conveniences, information, and connections it’s brought along with it. Like it or not, it has changed our world. Today there are more than 4 billion internet users and about 1.9 billion websites.’

Together these two phenomena drive the creation of Workplace Hidden Opportunities (WHO). Our purpose will be informed and guided during the launch period by its ThinkTank.

ThinkTank is a group of global thought leaders, including enterprise executives and entrepreneurs who are interested in helping create a platform to capture and consolidate the vast storehouse of information and resources about the workplace and its underlying corporate real estate assets. A parallel focus of the ThinkTank is establishing an Ecommerce app for personal network building and subject matter specific publications.

The marketplace is rich with content and network resources but something that accomplishes these two objectives is the next frontier. Where meaningful applications, networks, and platforms exist (and there are many of great substance our intention is to collaborate.

Assimilated through five decades of concentration we have connected with some of the best of the best. This has occurred through hands on project experience, network affiliations, reach out searches, and requests for connection via various social media.

The Internet and interest in workplace expand this census exponentially on a daily basis with the emergence of Gen Z and Y engagement and leadership.
Together our ability to access connect is unprecedented in time and place.

You are invited to ask questions about joining the quest.

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