WHO Index™ ,a registered trademark of David Everett Mills Jr, is an open-source mechanism to facilitate the organization of information related to the workplace and its underlying real estate assets, operations, and human resources.

WHO Index emulates the library Dewey Decimal System to establish a classification system for the organization of content, resources, and networks of the workplace world.

WHO Index also serves as a publishing vehicle for Workplace Hidden Opportunities members reflecting the working Table of Contents for the book Workplace Hidden Opportunities (HiddenOpps) in progress.

WHO Index™ is for public and commercial use as an open-source information management tool. No registration or expense are required for its use. We do ask is that the trademark be honored with the appropriate attribution to its owner and Workplace Hidden Opportunities if it is used in whole or in part. This aspect will be monitored by our intellectual property team for compliance.

Sections and Chapters (right-hand column drop down menu) displays the current classification organization. It was created to adopt new anticipated and yet unknown innovations. If your area of focus and work does not fit logically into one of these categories, let us know and the Index will be expanded for your purposes. Please use the Contact Us page for these purposes.