Affiliate Royale (WHO AR) is a powerful component of the WHO application.

WHO AR enables you to: !) build/expand your brand/core project team; and 2) receive automated royalty fees and reporting on your constituent activity.

 WHO AR is configured to pay you a 5% fee for the subscriptions you introduce (AR1) and more importantly pay you a 5% fee for the subscriptions your introduced subscribers bring (AR2). All the financial transactions are securely managed and accounted for by PayPal.

WHO AR is a powerful and elegant tool to help you launch your communication efforts for 2020, invite your core to join you and establish the same for themselves. Avail yourself of your own networks collective intelligence..

You, with your core team, can expand your networks as fast and with as much far-reaching impact as you can imagine, For your planning a WHO AR Workbook is available for your free download. This will enable you to make your own projections and manage expectations. For your Free Download  request the Password at our Support page.


WHO AR is a free-forever component for WHO Members at the Network level. You must be a WHO Member to download the AR Workbook. This can be accomplished by becoming a Guest Member for free.