Morelia, Mexico 12.21.19 (Rev 1.16.20)
I was diagnosed, after what I thought was an injury to my right hip and groin muscles from being a full time pedestrian, with colon cancer that showed isolated cells in the hip and liver. I am in the process of rounds of discoveries at the Oncology Center Civic Hospital (OC).

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The Health Journal (HJ and Journal)) is established with the hope that it can become a shared conversation of collective intelligence and a learning/support experience for us all. We have configured the platform of the Journal to host unlimited individual journals. There is much to be shared and learned with each other across our cultural understandings and practices, These include not only innovations and cures, but misinformation and bogus remedies.

The team of oncologists are continuing discovery and tests for the prognosis and treatment plan. Numerous appointments are scheduled now through early February.  Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation are all possibilities. The oncology specialist in each of these areas are developing the prognosis and treatment plans.

My move Morelia, Mexico almost two years ago has been blessed at every turn.
I am surrounded and cared for by the most loving Morelianos. Another saving grace is that the healthcare is excellent and the costs for these services is a notable fraction the costs in the US even with Medicare. It appears now with my Mexican insurance policy that a significant portion of the cost will be covered, however, many requirements are beyond the scope of the insurance.

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