Affiliate Royale (WHO AR) is a powerful component of the WHO application.

Collective Intelligence – Artist Unknown

WHO AR enables you to: !) build/expand your brand; and 2) receive automated royalty fees and reporting on your constituent activity. WHO AR is configured to pay you a 5% fee for the subscriptions you introduce (AR1) and more importantly pay you a 5% fee for the subscriptions your introduced subscribers bring (AR2). All the financial transactions are securely managed and accounted for by PayPal.

Ten WHO members are invited to participate in AR Trials. Our purpose is identifying and engaging with potential users to further enlighten the WHO proof of concept, AR component, solicit insights, and post testimonials.

The small number of trial participants expands exponentially (10 @ 5 each = 60 + 50 @ 10 each = 560) to represent diverse generations now active in the workplace, across various industries, at different stages in their career path and growth. This viral trial will generate a significant collective intelligence insight. Testing the subscription and enrollment process for clarity, ease, scalable replication on various devices is an important part of the trial. We are attempting to accomplish this part of the roll-out by the end of April.
For participants successfully completing the trial compensated positions are available on an advisory and editorial board.

Use AR Trial Workbook for your due-diligence and/or to modify your personal planning going forward. To participate in the AR Trial please request or inquire here.

WHO Members may enroll here to become a paid Affiliate

To become a WHO Member subscribe here at the Network level