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Global 80™ Enterprises examines the commonality and distinctions within and across segments to understand the evolution of the workplace and corporate real estate. The focus will include ten enterprises in eight industry segments. Fifteen thousand enterprises have corporate real estate portfolios ranging from a hundred to tens of thousands owned and leased locations. In the corporate and commercial real estate industry these companies are often referred to as end-users. End-users and portfolio companies are used interchangeably. Our early research into the Fortune 500 Sixty revealed some startling insights.

Ten well-recognized enterprises in each of six for-profit industry segments were selected for this study based upon their distinguished industry leadership. We have referenced them as the Fortune 500 Sixty. While small in number they are impactful on a global scale. Their executives, managers, and staff are invited to join the network and participate in developing content, network, and publication of their insights.
Our earlier research on these 60 companies, including developing Profiles, reflect how these companies reported on the nature of their real estate assets and operations. Our focus was on the corporate real estate that these companies own and lease for use in the ordinary course of their businesses – not their transactional investments. The source of those findings has come from documents like the SEC 10K filings, reporting platforms like Yahoo Finance, Dun & Bradstreet, websites and other news searches. While all of the information in these draft Profiles is publicly available information, filtering those vast documents for the corporate real estate-sensitive information is where the value-add comes in. The discovery from that research was a primary motivation for the continuing work in progress.

You may be as surprised at the rolled up findings as I was . . .
Revenues: $3.951 trillion (33.65% of Fortune 500)
SG&A: $899 billion (22.75% of revenues)
Occupancy Costs: Not available (60 companies reflect either no aggregate number or if they do what is included in the number is not disclosed)
Net Income: $307 billion (7.77% of revenues)
Employees: 10,626,773
Locations: 172,426 (16 companies show no location count, 10 banks reflect only branch locations – no other facilities, 10 hospitals reflect only 1 location per campus and not the medical office buildings etc., 10 retail companies reflect store locations only and not distribution centers, headquarters etc., the same with hospitality.
Square Footage: 1.124 billion (9 companies show no square footage amount, others only partial).
These companies possess clout, sometimes beyond their own awareness.
The individual company profiles are available on a subscription basis; individually, by industry, or the entire group.

Amending the list while adding ten universities and ten government agencies will establish the launch Global 80 focus study. Let us know if you would like your enterprise showcased.

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