David Everett Mills Jr

David is the Founder, Catalyst, and Co-creator of Workplace Hidden Opportunities.

Workplace Hidden Opportunities is a  global workplace application where you can collaborate, innovate, inspire, and prosper. This Specialized Knowledge Platform™ (SKP™) focuses exclusively on workplace and corporate real estate issues and opportunities.

David has been a bricks and mortar developer, software developer, and visionary CEO for the last four decades always on the leading edge of technology. His most recent role at CREinFocus integrated disparate people, processes, and information to build a suite of intellectual property assets. He is identifying merger and acquisition advisors to help with the sale of these assets.

Hands on specializations in real estate have included: acquisitions & dispositions; leasing; development and construction; portfolio and single asset property management; syndication, corporate finance and investor relations. He even on[site managed a specialty concrete crew. Since founding CREinFocus and its predecessor RelevantAssets that focus expanded to include: cloud applications and SaaS: enterprise performance management; integrating technologies; risk assessment and management; cost controls and spend management; enterprise-wide decision support; specialized business intelligence; predictive analytics; space optimization; and a host of related nuances. His current focus is on this Grandiose Humilite Experiment in Collective Intelligence about the global workplace and it underlying corporate real estate assets and operations.

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