RelevantAssets Sale of Assets . . .

To the CSuite of the Candidate companies.

RelevantAssets and CREinFocus LLC. intellectual property  is being offered to 34 stalwart behemoth global leaders in the workplace and corporate real estate and startups with well funded VCs focused on Fintech and Proptech.

This absolute auction is time sensitive. You and the other Purchase Prospects will be sent the mechanics of the auction on following post. A series of posts with due diligence information on what has been designed to be a holistic virtual decision support SaaS application and consultancy. Your selection is testimony to your expertise, focus, leadership, and technical capabilities. 

The market of workplace assets and operations was in dire need before the virus and now, like in many areas, the pandemic’s relentless and aggressive attributes many assets have become liabilities.


To assist in your evaluation:

Asset Description

Beta Wireframes for Demo and Video Development

Development Time and Money
This is an important decision process for each of you that will have far reaching impacts not only on your enterprise, stakeholders, and customers; but for the global workplace and trauma from the Covit-19 pandemic.
27 years of exclusive focus with a broad and deep collaboration with leaders in the marketplace, a dizzying array of boom and bust cycles, $6 M in paid in cash, priceless sweat equity, the Great Recession and and government bailout of the banks. The need for the product and services continued to escalate year after year while continuing quarter closings were always a greater priority.
The Coronavirus pandemic now mandates a new reality without equivocation.

Live Support
This is an important decision path in a short time and we are committed to get all your questions answered the day you ask.
The best way to accomplish this is to use the Support page. Workplace Hidden Opportunities is providing the communications platform for this sale.   To accomplish that it would be best to put your request in a message on the support page
I can be reached at or direct message me at Whats App or Messenger at 443.271.8201 (my cell phone in Mexico country code 52

The artificial intelligence generated by your customization and branding of the RelevantAssets application will bring to light vast hidden opportunities. Particularly noteworthy are the recurring financial feeds reflecting every real estate related line item of the Balance Sheet and P&L. The automated deviation analysis reduces every currency to a value per square foot or meter reflecting the good, bad, and ugly of the results. Your tech team can take the wireframes (detailed and annotated) to see how this all integrates with your existing applications and analysis capabilities and how quickly you can share these new products and services to your existing clients and prospects. Our experience illuminated that including finance, operations and supply chain, sales, and technology provided a much more holistic understanding. If you have not seen the eleven minute video, Beauty and the Beast meets Moneyball, it will help frame your questions and evaluation. We are at the ready to answer your questions and requests for additional information. Please use the support page for your questions and inquiries and/or reach out to David.

We wish each of you the very best!

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