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Deadline Extended!

RelevantAssets and CREinFocus LLC is selling its intellectual property in an absolute auction to one of 44 companies ( who are the global leaders of the workplace, commercial real estate, artificial intelligence, Fintech, and Proptech.
The sale was announced 8.3. A 12.25 deadline for bids was sent 8.17
As of this posting a majority of the candidates are not yet aware of their invitation and the offering.
We are extending the deadline for bids until we make sure that they have each received this message into their CSuite. Once we establish a connection with each of the companies, we will set a deadline for the bids.
In the meantime we will be working on establishing those connections.

If you or any of your friends work with one of these great companies, please message us. As an expression of appreciation you will receive a six month subscription at the Network level to Workplace Hidden Opportunities A coupon valued at $120 ($20mo) will be sent at the receipt of your message.

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