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The Universe is created on April 27 4977 B.C. according to Johannes Kepler. Considered a founder of modern science, Kepler is best known for his theories explaining the motion of planets.

His research was slow to gain widespread traction during his lifetime, but it later served as a key influence on the English mathematician Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727) and his law of gravitational force. Additionally, Kepler did important work in the fields of optics, including demonstrating how the human eye works, and math. He died on November 15, 1630, in Regensberg, Germany.

As for Kepler’s calculation about the universe’s birthday, scientists in the 20th century developed the Big Bang theory, which showed that his calculations were off by about 13.7 billion years.
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Science and discovery are more about evolving understanding than proving anything. Nevertheless, a hypothesis sets the investigations in process. That is one of the things we are about here at WHO, our world and workplace.
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