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The Morning Download: AI to Help U.S. Patent Office as Filings Grow Steadily, Tom Loftus WSJ

Good morning, CIOs. The U.S. Patent Office is seeking help from artificial intelligence to help sift through troves of patent filings…including those related to AI. CIO Journal’s Angus Loten talks with Andrei Iancu, director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, about the challenge.
Working with the CIO. “This is a good time to take advantage of these new tools to help our examiners,” Mr. Iancu said. The agency last month posted a job opening for an AI expert to work with CIO Jamie Holcombe to help drive efficiencies in both the patent and trademark examination process, Mr. Iancu said.
Growing demand. The agency received about 643,000 patent applications last year, according to the agency. AI-related applications grew to about 3,800 in 2018 from roughly 3,200 in 2017 and about 1,900 in 2014. Figures for 2019 haven’t been released.

WHO and its contributors pays particular attention to the linear and exponential progression of initiatives and traction in the workplace and related corporate real estate management of assets.

Charles Duell was the Director of the US Patent Office in 1899 and was quoted as saying that all that could be invented had already been invented. Inundated in the new technologies being introduced at the apex of the Industrial Age it would have taken the likes of a Nostradamus to envision the Internet Age and other socioeconomic we are experiencing. ‘What about cybersecurity?’ we ask to bring time and space of these events into a clearer context; and, their vital importance on so many levels.

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