China and United States

Right makes might. King Arthur

WHO is a proponent of the exchange of ideas, products, and services across all nationally constructed ‘marks in the sand’; and, between the abundance mindset of peace-makers as opposed to the scarcity mindset of warriors.

Some would call this ‘free trade’ letting supply and demand determine where and what markets should look like. Attempting to control and manage these things other than in the marketplace is an exercise in ego beyond any rational and is an attempt to influence the forces of nature, time, and place. Trying to protect what cannot be protected in the greatest of human folly.

The problem with labels will be a recurrent theme of this platform.

As a personal aside, one of the reasons I came to Mexico to live a year ago was to begin to understand these things. It could have been anywhere in the industrialized or developing countries. The lessons have been both rich, profound, full of love, and insights extraordinaire.


The rest of this interpretation is left to your own good devices, perspectives, and insights.
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