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For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Issac Newton

This synopsis of discussion with one of my connections with deep patient care experience is about my next steps. It is written in third person to avoid any pronoun confusion if you chose to share the Journal and its evolving discoveries. The salient points are captured and numbered here for reference, comment, affirmation, disagreement.
1.David’s case is complex. Discovery of cancer cells in the colon, liver, and hip area, unresolved anemia, and acute pain exclusively in the area of the hip and inner thigh muscles.. The diagnosis and treatment options an iterative process.
2.One oncologist referenced would probably put David in the hospital immediately to complete the diagnosis and treatment options.
3.There is no way to anticipate costs.
4.There is a disconnect in the U.S. healthcare system between patient care and financial management; hence the crisis of cost and availability of care.
5.David and Ana will be dealing with many people with many employers including secretaries, nurses, nurse practitioners, general practice doctors and specialists. The more David and Ana can understand the nature of the different practices, roles, and responsibilities. The insurance companies fundamentally run the reimbursed costs of the healthcare industry and therefore the outcome of each case for the providers and patient. There is a schism in patient care and financial management in Mexico and the United States.
6.Because of the combination of David’s severely impaired mobility, amnesia, and acute pain an ambulance is required to move him; increasing pain and costs.
7.It is essential that David be hospitalized to complete the diagnosis and treatment plan. David’s current situation is time sensitive.

Choice determines, to a large extent, our present circumstances. Those choices include beliefs, thoughts, feelings and more. Manifestation occurs and amplifies when acted upon or not, whether a task is done or not, if it accomplished or not, whether people benefit or not.

There are issues impacting the continuing development revisions and implementation. Similar or other issues may be impacting your own circumstances. One of the purposes of this Journal is to provide a platform for you to create your own health journal and bring your network with you.

Another aspect is cost consideration. Some of my circumstances were anticipated while others were beyond expectations, blessings and challenges alike. These will be looked at in more detail in upcoming entries. In the meantime here is some interesting food for thought.

Ana has put me on her insurance coverage. We don’t know yet how much will be covered.

Healthcare Comps
Current exchange of dollars to pesos
$US = $MXN
$25 = $485
$100 = $1950
$1000 = $19500

This sample is of my medical costs from the past ninety days, paid in cash with pesos and equivalent $US. An Excel workbook will be free for subscribers to the Journal in capturing and consolidating the dynamics of their own issues and medical team network.
Item – $MXN = $US
Tramadol 50mg pain medication (2 weeks) – $230 = $11.79
Hourly doctor charges – $100 > $1000 = $5.13 > $51.28
Ambulance home to medical community – $600 = $30.76
Transportation for Ana to medical community – $200 = $10.25
Xray of abdomen and pelvis – $2200 = $112.82
Cscan – $4800 = $246.15
Infusion for Anemia – $5500 = $282.05
Colonoscopy and Biopsy – $8050 = $412.82
Biopsy pathology – $1300 = $66.67
Given the dynamics of the exchange rate and cost of living, cost of living drives all other costs from a meal in a restaurant or procedure in a hospital. Payroll is the biggest component cost of most products and services. More on this in a coming post.

Our intention is for the Journal to be beneficial communication addition for each of us. The first topic of discussion is my cancer treatment plan. There is a power in telling our stories.. Those stories gain in power when they reveal our experiences, resources, and perisomal choices,. Managing all the aspects of  well being means awareness, financial impacts, and issues of heart, mind and soul. Inherent in that intention is conversation and discussion of issues with many as opposed to the broadcast of a single point of view. Welcome to the Journal!

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The second invitation is to engage with the Journal in information sharing..
Donors to the fund receive all updates to the Journal,
Acknowledgement at the donors preference in the Journal will be disclosed as funds are received ; also at the conclusion of the treatment in an eBook.
The Journal a distinct place to build your own invitation only health network.

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