The New Face of the Workplace 2.0

“Whole sight; or all the rest is desolation.” John Fowles

The crisis consists precisely in the fact
that the old is dying and the new cannot
be born; in this interregnum a great
variety of morbid symptoms appears .Antonio Gramsci, Prison Notebooks

The Covid-19 World – Present and Post

True Confessions and Debunking Myths
The United States flunked Covid-19.
As a 72 year old white guy I take full responsibility for my part in the conditions that have evolved to the present point. This was definitely not my intention or that of my peers, but this occured on our watch.
What is my meaning of The New Face of the Workplace and why are you selling RelevantAssets at this time. These are the two questions when I sat down with Michael Tomlin as a trial for launching the Workplace Hidden Opportunities Podcasts.  The New Face of the Workplace
You and your peers (Purchase Prospects) have received an Invitation and Offering with relevant details about the assets being sold. It strikes me that the position we are in requires a two pronged approach, One is to focus completely on the conditions and challenges at hand. The last four to six weeks have indicated this may be around for a while. The second prong is to determine what we would like our lives and workplace to be post Covid-19. This is the great opportunity of our time and place – to co-create a more balanced and thriving environment for our enterprises, communities, the Earth and all living beings.

Auction and Your Bid

Until now there was no way to value these assets (including software, implementation processes, and resulting artificial intelligence). And that was before the devastation of value from Covid-19. The auction enables you and your peers to value those products and services in the context of their own business.
For example, embedded with RelevantAssets the value of each property in the portfolio can be determined by the bids of intelligent builder-developers with global employees and local presence with clients anxious for a solution.

A bid will be accepted when it is delivered in a letter from the purchaser’s bank affirming the auctioned amount is ready for immediate transfer to our bank at the  receipt of our wiring instructions.

There is a global need for these service right now and we consider these invited candidates have the best capabilities to align these products and services with your existing offerings and brand to your liking.
The following Quick Start enables your team to assess the values from unique perspectives.

A Quick Start for Leadership and Innovators

Take a quick look at the epigraph that heads this post. Whole site is our objective. Morbid symptoms and desolation we have experienced in abundance.

CEO – New Face of the Workplace as arbiter for the whole versus siloed; making the shift from self-interest to service provider; and from knowing the answers to figuring out and delivering the better question.
Technology – Wireframes The tech team will have a unique understanding about how ready the architecture is to development of the applications; and knowing how it fits the existing products, services, branding.
Finance – Deviation Analysis Deviation Analysis 7.12.10 This can be described as the ‘secret sauce’ of RelevantAssets. It completely demystifies the financial management of the real estate from a single property to the global portfolio of a Fortune 100 enterprise. This quickly evolves into an arsenal of artificial intelligence
Operations and Admin – Virtual Deployment. RelevantAssets was built for a virtual marketplace making it an easy fit for the Covid-19 constraints and mandates.
HR – Well-being – is an important focus helping define The New Face of the Workplace.
Real Estate – With so many changes in the requirements the real estate department might well have the mandate from leadership to make sure the properties are and asset to the enterprise and not a liability. In the process it is time to recognize the importance of the real estate on so many levels with a place in the Csuite.

Cheers to the New Face of the Workplace™; whole sight;  and best wishes for thriving as you make and lead these changes!

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