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The post-COVID-19 world is going to be very different. KPMG

‘Back to normal’ which we have all heard (and perhaps said) reflects a naivete that is both misleading and detrimental for its Backward focus.. In fact, we won’t go back to normal because normal was the problem..
Just because asset valuations have fallen does not mean that vendors’ expectations have rebased. M&A volumes usually fall during times of uncertainty. However, companies in need of capital may welcome investment from new well-capitalized partners. For trade buyers and private equity alike, now is a great time to draw up a wish list of assets where a future investment or partnership may be mutually beneficial. It might even be an opportunity to revisit previously reluctant targets. Companies who are able and ready to act can potentially benefit from the inactivity of others.
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We are looking for an exclusive agent to help us with a timely sale of assets. The current quarantine makes the environment for our plan to take these products and services to the global virtual marketplace. The horrific Covet-19 pandemic ravages the entire earth and has ended life as we have known it and in its absence we have inherited the opportunity to create and own Our New World in the Morning.

A leading global service provider e.g. Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG or JLL, CB Richard Ellis, Cushman Wakefield or perhaps a well funded startup with the goal to disrupt this industry with cutting edge fintech and proptech attributes. All these tools and intellectual property can be embedded and private branded giving the buyer a huge competitive advantage.in the Proptech and Fintech spaces.
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