A Time to Act

RelevantAssets and CREinFocus LLC. intellectual property  is being offered to 44 stalwart behemoth global leaders in the workplace and corporate real estate and startups with well funded VCs focused on Fintech and Proptech.

For context please watch the video, Beauty and the Beast Meets Moneyball (11min).

Although this is a book, Ten Years To Midnight, directed in part at people who lead corporations, large and small governments, institutions, and NGOs, it is also for the rest of us. The problems at our doorsteps are too big and too important for anyone to ignore and decide not to do their part in solving them. Some of what we need to do requires that we change our behavior; some demands new ways of thinking; and some will depend on serious new efforts and greater imagination and creativity. PWC

The time to act is NOW!

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