October Observations

Things that caught my eye, Some insights from the month you might find useful or entertaining.

  • We reason that mighty interventions have unintended consequences. Suppress the rate of interest, and you misdirect capital. Cut short the corrective processes of a business-cycle downturn, and you tore up trouble for the next recession. Intervene over and over to save a bull market, and you must continue to intervene – you’re in too far, you can’t stop now, the downside is frightening. Grant’s Interest Rate Observer
  • It’s no longer done within the four walls of your organization. It’s actually done through ecosystems. Ross Mason
  • The fork in the road comes often. Martin Daniel
  • Glibness is an attitude without ingenuity. Martin Daniel
  • Work with what is. Dream, think and plan for what might be. Martin Daniel
  • The next town past Patzcuaro for artisan works. Mary Chacon\
  • I am telling you why we are doing this. I’m telling you what to do. It’s up to you to figure out how to get it done and make it happen. Martin Daniel
  • Spontaneity is the fruit of presence. Martin Daniel
  • What would you do if you didn’t have to earn an income? Martin Daniel
  • Emoticons and Emoji
  • Cogent – Convincing, Pertinent, Relevant (Cogente: convincente, pertinente, relevante)
  • Creativity and Cannabis
  • Succeeding (and Failing) to Grow Disposable Incomes
  • La niebla y las nubes están desapareciendo. Dentro y fuera. The fog and clouds are disappearing. In and out.
  • Perdóneme – Excuse me
  • In 1946, not long after she fell in love with Pablo Picasso, Françoise Gilot made a painting called ‘Adam Forcing Eve to Eat an Apple.’ New Yorker

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