The W100 2018 Nominees for Chairholders of Recognition and their profiles.

Ninety of the one hundred have been named and ten will remain to be selected. Forty-three were part of the first W100 class of 2016/2017.

Chairholders in the W1002018 are individuals making significant contributions to the workplace or corporate real estate or both. Their work covers a wide array of topics both central and peripheral to our focus. They also are pursuing agendas that include improving portfolio performance efficiency and big ideas that transcend the status-quo. The mind and temperament that conceive and drive new discoveries and the mind to make things work better are rarely the same; both are vital to the enterprise and beyond.

The constructs for the W100 are evolving as are the other aspects of Workplace Hidden Opportunities. First and foremost this honor is a call to action and not a trophy to past achievement. In reviewing countless profiles the individuals selected appear to be at a threshold for their greatest accomplishments. These to be seen accomplishments will benefit enterprises, industries, and a world yearning for them to be brought forth. The W100 is equally a dynamic experiment in collective intelligence. We are dedicating this and the subsequent first day of each year as W100 Chairholder Day.

Over the coming weeks, I will be communicating with each of these individuals to outline further the goals, objectives, and conditions of participation in being a Chairholder. I will also be sharing with our broader audiences how these individuals fit into the broader tapestry of Workplace Hidden Opportunities. This particular piece has been a work that has manifested as the WHO Index™.

Congratulations to the W100 2018 Nominees honored!
Thank you for your many contributions, both seen and unseen!
Happy New Year to each and all in and beyond this community!