Technology and Performance Management

Technology in all its forms and performance management practices in their myriad of forms have and continue to evolve dramatically as the connection economy accelerates in velocity and exponentiality.

Workplace and corporate real estate infrastructure can benefit from their adoption. The enterprises who lead these innovations will have a true competitive advantage and perhaps even more importantly help evolve, as Seth Godin describes, modern capitalism.

Workplace Hidden Opportunities (WHO) has filtered this section of our exploration into five subsets as reflected in the right-hand navigation ‘Sections and Chapters’ index of articles.

  • Corporate Performance (CPM)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Business Process and Spend (BPM)
  • Social Media (SM)
  • Industry and Geographic Benchmarks (B)

To help introduce these business disciplines and their leaders we have chosen a few LinkedIn groups active in these five categories. Stay tuned over the coming days to see their showcases.

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