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The network (WHO) and the book (HiddenOpps) continue to take shape.

Currently configured there are thirty-four chapters under construction. The organization of the chapter structure is visualized in the right-hand navigation pane. This post, as well as your own understanding of the workplace and corporate real estate, begins to illuminate vast landscape with many perspectives and constituents. That is probably the reason an undertaking of this scope has not reached this level of fruition and exposure. Nevertheless, some of us do our best work when we are told, ‘it can’t be done.’ Time will tell.

To capture and consolidate as much understanding as possible we are pursuing this research and development strategy. Our approach would have heretofore been impracticable without a companion website deployment. The project anticipates regular edition updates of the book and 24/7 refreshment to the companion website – creating what we intend to be an ongoing, live, interactive discussion. This effort is supported by an intelligence network of historic and emerging industry expertise.

One or more leading and representative LinkedIn groups incorporating the focal point of each chapter have been identified. I am reaching out to explore collaborations. If you see this before my reach-out please message me and we can compare notes.


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